BLOG POST: Flying To Poland

I’m off to Poland today. Why? The reason is that I write for, help to run and own a stake in a media company called bne-Intellinews – which specialises in business, economic and political news from Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Turkey and North Africa.

bne-Intellinews was formed after some friends and I got together and merged Business New Europe – a magazine/website founded in 2006 by highly-respected British journalist Ben Aris – with IntelliNews – a specialised financial news/data outfit owned by Jim Hammond, an American publisher formerly with Euromoney.

bne-Intellinews has around 30 correspondents across our region, with senior editors based in Moscow, Prague, London and Boston. We have recently relaunched our website and tried to up our marketing game – having sponsored EBRD summits in both London and Tbilisi.

In Warsaw today, I’ll be giving an economic lecture to the Polish branch of the CFA Institute, the organisation with grants the coveted CFA qualifications to the best financial analysts across the world (increasingly in emerging markets). My company has a good relationship with CFA which we’re trying to build on – with upcoming CFA lectures by bne-IntelliNews correspondents planned in Prague and Moscow.

The reason I write for and am helping to develop bne-IntelliNews isn’t only because I believe it has the makings of a valuable business – which I do. I also believe strongly in the importance of cross-border trade and cooperation as a route to shared prosperity and peace.

Having been in the media game a long time, I’ve often found that there is very little, or certainly not nearly enough, credible independent coverage of emerging markets (EMs) – and particularly what’s going on commercially, in individual sectors and companies, within EMs.

Yet EMs now make up more than half of global GDP, and counting, while playing host to four-fifths of the world’s population. Western institutions, meanwhile, for all the talk, remain extremely under-invested in the fastest-growing parts of the global economy, nations with which we simply must trade and do serious business if we are to secure our future prosperity.

I’ve been fascinated with, and travelled frequently, to EMs all my adult life. I think the EM story is, by a long way, the most important mega-trend of my lifetime. And, as many friends will attest, I’ve often said that mainstream English-language media coverage has failed to reflect and capitalise upon the huge interest that’s out there.

If you agree, then do take a look at bne-IntelliNews, and help us to do what we do. Our magazine and website is full of top-class, superbly-edited copy from correspondents based from Moscow to Mongolia, from Budapest to Bishkek to Baku. And, we’ve just started our coverage from Tehran.

Check us out and, if you like what you see, pleased do share this post.
Time to jump on that plane. Liam

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