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For a statement initially viewed as “inconsequential” and “one to forget”, the political shockwaves from George Osborne’s mid-March budget continue to reverberate.

The rumblings over the planned £1.3bn-a-year “cut” to disability benefits, specifically Personal Independence Payments, started early. I use inverted commas because the Chancellor actually proposed a reduction in the planned increase in spending on PIPs – made to adults with long-term disabilities that restrict mobility and the completion of daily tasks.

PIPs expenditure is still set to rise, the budget documents show, from £16.2bn this year to £18.2bn in 2019. And the cost of the benefit has anyway already spiralled. As recently as 2013, the Office for Budget Responsibility put the PIPs bill for 2019 at around £14bn. Yet Osborne just allocated over £4bn more for PIPs spending that year in his latest budget.

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