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British politics has perked up – to say the least. It’s just over a fortnight since the dramatic local and European elections in which Ukip surged. Now we’ve seen a riveting Newark contest, featuring a Tory fight back.

With all this, plus open warfare in the cabinet and the Queen’s Speech, complete with fainting pageboy, the Westminster village has been on overdrive. Domestic politics has dominated the airwaves over the last week – and that’s great. Clearly an econo-nerd, I’m a political junkie too.

It strikes me, though, that almost all the political analysis we hear takes it as given that the UK economy is fast-improving and, as the May 2015 general election approaches, will get better still. That may, indeed, happen and I certainly hope it does. Yet, away from high-octane TV psephology, economic news has emerged since last weekend, particularly from abroad, which could ultimately mean all political bets are off.

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